What Our Dealers Say

"We became a Noble dealer in the beginning of the summer of 2017. Before that, we didn’t have very many Class 3 products to show potential customers and we were out of a lot of deals.


In the LA market, Big Joe had taken the majority of the walkie stacker market share. But now, with the wide range of stackers and the electric pallet jack options Noblelift offers us, we have been able to gain much more of that Class 3 market and have become a major player. Our close ration is very close to 100% when we are in a deal with the walker stacker.


The support from Noblelift has been fantastic and second to none on all levels. We are excited about 2018 and the growth we will have with the Noblelift product at IFSC."

Anthony J Jurado

Industrial Forklifts of So. Cal.

"The Noblelift product is fantastic!  First, and most important, we are finding that the after sales support is there.  The Noblelift team is solid.  You can have a great product but without the proper support at the manufacturer level you will have a difficult time growing your business.  And, in fact, without proper support you could damage your business.


Loren Swakow knows our industry very well from the dealership side from his years running his own highly successful dealership in Chicago. So, that is certainly a plus having someone with his depth of knowledge in your corner.  Secondly, Noblelift is a quality product!  I am now in my 35th year in this business and I am very confident in recommending the Noblelift product to other dealers and to my customers.  


The profit margins are very strong. We are able to hold at least as much as twice the margin of other new equipment and still be a very attractive offering to our customers.   The product range is very appealing and Noblelift seems to be constantly working on a broader line.   The lease companies are giving us the same residual values on Noblelifts as they are on Komatsu, Heli and other top manufacturers.  You can grow your customer base and your profits with Noblelift!   In December, I sold 6 new Noblelifts.   The mix was (3) 3,500# 3 wheelers, (2) 5,500# 4 wheelers, (1) 2,200# stacker.   Our GP was just under 25% on those six units as an average. What other product do you currently represent that has margins in this range?


Please feel free to call me with any questions."


Brian Harris

General Manager

Frontier Forklifts & Equipment, Inc.

281-482-4500 x 120

As a Noblelift dealer, we have been impressed with the quality of the product and the opportunity to provide our customers with an excellent value, while we enjoy higher than average margins. We have seen a high level of commitment from the local USA Facilities and that is without question, an imperative for successfully representing any forklift line.


Gary Wilson

Dealer Principal

Becoming a dealer for Noblelift has been a very rewarding experience. The process was simple and any questions were answered immediately. Loren and Adam are a fantastic team that work tirelessly to help us grow our business. It is always a pleasure speaking with them and they both work quickly to answer any questions or to provide us with any information that we need. The support we receive is top notch and the product line can't be beat. The entire team here at McCabe's East Coast Forklifts is proud to be a part of the Noblelift family.

Russ McCabe
McCabes East Coast Forklifts
Dealer Principal

"We received our trucks and were able to get one of each of them assembled today.  We are really impressed by the trucks and the quality of them.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and Noblelift and are excited to help expand this quality brand in Colorado.


Thank you again."

Kacey Turnbo

Adept Equipment Services
General Manager

"Cincinnati Lift Truck and Battery Service was looking for a potential new line to carry. We knew it would take a special kind of product to take on for the type of business we are in. We needed quality, craftsmanship, dealer support, and people behind a brand that would not dictate the rhythm of our business.


Finding Noblelift at the material handling show in Chicago really got our attention and checked all the boxes! Loren came with high credentials and has lived up to everything that he has ever said. We could not have made a better choice. It has entered us into a market we've never been able to enter before. The dealer support is fantastic and the product has lived up to the hype. 


One item we especially like is the fact that if we see something that needs to be addressed Noblelift is quick to address and make changes at the production level. And will customize if necessary.


We look forward to continued success and working with Adam and Loren has been an absolute pleasure! We are lucky to have them with this product line!"


Steve Cohen

Sales Manager

"As a dealer we were skeptical about taking on Noblelift, but knowing and trusting Loren as long as we have, we decided to listen to their presentation. Liking what was said and seeing the quality of the product, we accepted.


Our company could not have made a better choice! Quality equipment and name brand components with competitive pricing. We’re able to make money and be proud of the product.


Loren knows the business and goes out of his way to provide you what you need quickly. 

Great people, great products, great pricing, it makes our job fun! - Thanks!"


Jeff Pennell 

Dealer Principal

Pennell Forklift Service Inc.

"It’s hard to find good Business Partners these days, especially those that will help you grow your territory with creative solutions and great products. But that’s what Noblelift has done for Big Lift Material Handling.


We are getting into accounts we never could before. The Noblelift Lift Tables, Platform Lifts, Stackers, Manual Pallet Jacks and Electric Pallet Jacks have increased our market visibility. We are now selling our products into highly-visible, public places like grocery chains and sporting arenas. We are building a nice rental business too. Users of the Noblelift products have helped us spread the word of these value added products.


As Noblelift grows, we will support the dealer network and help further the growth of the brand by supporting any ship-in or national account opportunities.  We are proud to be in the Noblelift family."

Franco (Buddy) Antonetti
Big Lift Material Handling
Dealer Principal

"I want to sincerely thank you both again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to support us in the limited time that we provided you with. You guys and Noblelift in general are nothing short of great!!

Thanks again!"

Jon Hallquist
Cherry Industrial Equipment
Dealer Principal