What Our Customers Say

“We have been using these lifts for a little over a month and they are great. They are very easy to maneuver in tight spots and their high load capacity makes the able to carry all we need them to do. They have a great runtime verses charge time ratio. These machines are more than capable to handle all our needs and I highly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing them.”

Chris D.

Supervisor at a National Cabinet Manufacturer

"We run hard and long production hours and produce a huge array of products found all over the world. We purchased the Noblelift PTE33 units and have been very pleased with their performance and reliability. We will definitely be buying more.”

Mr. Kaufman

President of Coyote Kitchen - Food Service Industry

More Coming Soon!

We the bought the 6,600 lb capacity Noblelift sit-down from Cincinnati Lift Truck.  We just wanted to let you know we got almost 12 hours of actual run time before our guys had to charge the battery! We are extremely happy with the truck!


Chris B

Operations Manager at a large HVAC Company